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Tropical Cell Face Mask


Microtwill face coverings are a comfortable way to cover-up! Featuring a semi-sturctured bias cut fabric to allow for movement, microtwill face coverings can be worn for long periods of time comfortably. The metal nose piece can be adjusted to fit your face shape and fabric ties can be adjusted to your ideal fit. Easy to care for, both the outside and inside are printed to make your face covering extra unique.

-Made from 100% polyester microtwill
-Naturally wicks moisture away and is quickdry
-Composed of 2 layers of fabric with inner filter pocket
-Stainless steel adjustable nose piece and soft fabric ear ties
-Printed with permanent inks that won’t washout or fade away
As all items are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for for delivery.

Size (Measure ear-to-ear over nose)
Adult X-Large 30.5 cm
Adult Large 29 cm
Adult Medium 27.5 cm
Adult Small 26 cm
Youth Large 25 cm
Youth Medium 23.5 cm
Youth Small 22 cm

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